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We’re partnering with midwives and matching them with families so midwives can grow their practice and families can have safe births

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FAQ is an online service and web portal that helps families interested in community-based birth connect with local midwives so families can give birth safely outside of the hospital.

Midwives tend to wear a lot of different hats and are responsible for most aspects of their practice including insurance, billing and community outreach.

We help our midwife partners connect with local families who are good candidates for home birth and provide support along the way, so our partners can focus on what matters most: providing safe, high quality care for families.

Head over to our Partnership page, and complete our Partnership Application.

Then we’ll get you registered and posted on our online portal, where local families interested in your unique care can explore your services and connect with you.

Once we’ve connected you with a local family, we’ll provide technical and billing support while you provide amazing care and grow your practice!

Families interested in community birth services through complete a survey detailing their preferences for care and medical needs so that we can provide local partner recommendations.

After a family reviews their options and chooses you to provide care, we’ll notify you through our online dashboard where you can manage requests for care, communicate with clients and schedule appointments all in one place.

Providing 100 Black Families with Safe Birthing Care

We recently launched a fundraiser #100BlackBirths to help 100 Black families access community birthing care so they can receive safe, compassionate care outside of the hospital.

Black mothers and their babies faces the greatest risks during birth in our current health care system. 

We’re connecting Black families with midwives in their local area so they can access the safe birthing care they deserve. To learn more about the program check out our fundraising page and our GoFundMe page.


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We’re interested in connecting with anyone who has experience with home birth and wants to tell their story!

We’re interviewing families, care providers, artists and journalists and more to help share the amazing personal stories of home birth.

Check out our Birth Stories page see our recent articles and get in touch with us here if you’d like to share your story!

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