Cindy Crawford on her Inspiring Home Birth Experiences

On 30th March, American supermodel Cindy Crawford sat down (online) with a birthing professional to discuss her empowering and inspiring 50-hour home birth experience.

Cindy started out her interview with a simple statement – birth is natural. If a woman has a low-risk pregnancy, there is no reason she shouldn’t research home birth as an option. She wants women to know they have the power of choice, and that a woman’s birth is exactly that – her choice.

Empowering Women

When Cindy was asked who delivered her baby, she didn’t say “Dr. So-and-so”, she enthusiastically said, “Me! I delivered my baby!” She was proud of herself and of her husband, and felt she had full control over the delivery. She rightly observed that while we are in isolation, our most basic desire is to connect, and birth is the ultimate connection. Her midwife gently guided her through the most difficult parts, but she was only there when wanted and stepped away to allow Cindy and her husband to birth their family. Interestingly, Cindy chose to change position at the end of labor to allow herself to push in a way that felt instinctive, emphasizing the range of choice home birth can offer when it comes to birthing positions.

Medical Care During Home Births

Cindy explained that she consulted with her OBGYN regularly. She relied heavily on her OBGYN’s advice and presented a birth plan for her doctor to view. Together, they ensured they could alter the birth plan as needed to allow for a safe yet comfortable and empowering birth. While Cindy followed traditional guidelines with ultrasounds and checkups, she wanted the birth itself to take its natural course with minimal intervention, but was open to intervention if necessary. Thankfully for Cindy, an hour after birth she was in bed with her husband and newborn, able to bond and relax.

If you’re ready to learn more about the incredible, natural process of home birth, click here.


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