As soon as we found out we were pregnant, we knew we wanted it to be special.

Rushing to a hospital and being attached to beeping machines was not what we had in mind. After some research, we learned that there was a birthing center practically around the corner. We went in for a visit and loved it, so we decided that we’d birth there!

Three months before our due date, the birthing center abruptly closed...

Photos of founders when pregnant in collage

and we were left scrambling. We didn’t know much about home births, but assumed it was dangerous. We visited some of our local hospitals, but they were far from what we were looking for. Time was ticking and we had a decision to make.

The thought of a home birth scared us a little. Could the same person who almost passed out from a scraped knee really deliver a baby without intervention? We also figured there was no way that we could give birth in such a small apartment. Was it even allowed? We had no idea. Again, all we knew was that we wanted it to be special.

We eventually reached out to several midwives and the ones that the birthing center recommended really were a perfect fit for us. They were professional and answered all of our questions. We went over our safety concerns and they explained the whole process leading up to delivery. We finally felt our fears were assuaged.

Our baby was going to be a home birth baby!